Today I learned more about how to use Maya 2016 and the features it offers to move and shape objects.


Today I began the introduction to Maya 2016 course to learn more about the program


I completed my first model in Maya which is a sword. Its needs a lot more work but its a good start.


Today we worked on Safecracker more and I began making my first model in maya which takes forever.


Today i finished my cerificate for the Exploring Maya 2016 Plural Sight course and I have begun a course called Introduction to Unity 5.


Today I worked on my maya plural sight course and learned how to add materials and textures to an object. It wasnt a hard concept to understand but it will take a while to master.


Today we worked on getting our pi set up to do some coding which took a long time because one of the commands couldnt be found


Today we finished the GUI for the Safecracker game and I began work on a Maya pluralsight course

10-6-15 to 10-8-15

This past week we worked with flash and raspberry pies. In flash I created a sprite sheet for a T-Rex with Dylans head that was breathing fire and this comming week I will put the sheet into edge animate. The pies were a hastle because the screen...


Today we worked on a battle ship type game in which I attempted to generate a random number but it didnt work. We also did some coding in flash which made sense but the hex for colors seems really complicated.